10th Jan 2016
Colouring to match skin tones.

Fair skin 

The paler the skin tone the lighter you can go with your hair colour says the celebrity colourist Rita Hazan who works with Jessica Simpson. Warm tones look best against hues of butterscotch, strawberry blonde and honey. These shades play up the peachiness of your complexion and cast a soft glow on your face. If you have a fair/cool skin tone look for blue-based colours for example; Platinum, flaxen and champagne blondes to flatter your ivory complexion.


Medium skin tone 

A medium skin tone is a versatile complexion, therefore this can carry out a wide spectrum of shades, it can also create a beautiful back drop for high contrast highlights. If you have a medium skin tone you should stick to tones such as; wheat blonde, walnut warm brows to counteract any hints of ruddiness in your complexion.

Olive skin tones 

This sultry skin tone can stand up to the intensity of a deep, rich brown or any kind of earthy colour. To create depth in these specific types of colours you could strategically place some subtle golden high-lights to add some depth. To avoid the greenish tone that may appear with olive complexions you could try a chestnut brown or any type of auburn. Mocha’s and violet based colours will enhance natural warmth for example hair like Kim Kardashian.

Darker skin tones 

The idea with a darker skin tone is to create a contrast between your hair and your complexion whether that means going lighter or going darker. If your hair colour is close to your skin tone your features will appear as if they are blending/disappearing. Deep, dark tones such as espresso or and inky black will flatter a dark complexion. If you have an apricot undertone you may want warmer colours such as toffee, mahogany or a maple brown to bring out the undertone of your complexion.

Cool skin tone

People with cool skin tones for example Amy Adams will  have eyes that are either blue, gray, greenish blue with gray fleeks or a deep brown that borders on black. Colours that will flatter this skin tone and eye colour will be anything from Ash blondes, golden blondes, terracotta reds/deep copper tones or a warm chocolate brown.



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