8th Jun 2016
Summer style idea’s for 2016!

Summer 2016 is here bringing new haircuts, styles, colours and accessories. Throughout the catwalk 2016 and the back stage style sessions, designers/hair stylists have witnessed a wide variety of new trends and the return of some classic favourites. The biggest take-over this season is the return of sleek straight hair which appears almost glass like! Simple styles such as the super-smooth pony created a huge impact at major fashion shows such as Balmain and Chanel. While on the other hand loose straight hair was showcased at Lonathon Saunders and Alexander Wang shows, 2016 is officially the year of the straight hair!


Hair accessories have become a major craze this year! Everything from simple Alice bands to chic and elegant hair pieces and jewellery. ‘Choker hair’ has made a massive appearance on catwalks in places like Milan and New York; this includes loose strands of hair tucked into a necklace, collar or choker. This has become a major trend set for 2016 creating a fierce but yet sophisticated edgy look.


Short hair was also taken to a new level this season, bringing back the bold buzzcut look being style of the season. This was flaunted all throughout New York fashion week; short hair is brining itself back fiercer and bolder than ever! Summer 2016 is re style season and the short hair is coming through stronger than ever!

If you’re considering a new look/hair style or switching your look up, the time is summer! To survive the gorgeous weather and the beach days you’ll want to consider a style with low maintenance and to be able to stand alone and still look amazing with no styling equipment needed, one of the most popular and chic hairstyles from 2015 was Rihanna with her classic but edgy bob! Tony Chavez stylist quoted himself “when a strong shape is cut into your hair, it’s nice that everything will fall into place” this portrays a strong cut for the summer period as the hair will elegantly fall into place with no effort or aggro! This look has been quite popular among the celebrities as it has also been carried off by Zendaya and Taylor S wift herself!   



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