Amazing for blondes that want to refresh their colour, used to counteract any yellow tones in the hair and leaves the hair feeling cooler and brighter
This will not work if you, do not have any colour (light blonde) in your hair as it’s designed to work primarily with bleach. Also if you have warner/darker tones (orange/caramel) as this would need a toner or something of more of a blue colour

Remember this is a toner so using it every time IS DAMAGING, once a week IS ENOUGH! When roots starts to grow through people tend to use silver shampoo more at they feel it will make them feel better about their colour where in fact this can do the opposite. Using silver shampoo too often can create a build up on the ends and actually leave the hair feeling dull & dry. If you’re naturally a slightly warmer tone and you’re using silver shampoo too often it will make your natural regrowth stand out more and we don’t want that

Courtesy of our Technical Director @gemev_colour